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Link class

The link class is for shortening and speeding up code when dealing with links. It exists in the "site/classes" directory as "" and is instantiated in "site/instantiate.php".

The link class uses the Path class for internal links so local directories or MultiSite directory structures will automatically be prepended to the link.

Example, to link to this page you would use:


This would echo the following HTML:

<a href='/classes/link-class.php'>classes/link-class.php</a>

If PHPZevelop is stored in a sub folder or you are using a MultiSite the returned URL would automatically be correctly assigned.

If you wish to change the link text you can pass a second parameter:

$Link->Out("classes/link-class.php", "Link text");

If you want to link to an external site make sure to include "http://" or "https://" at the beginning of the URL so the class knows you are trying to link externally.

To add attributes to the link class other than "href" you can pass an options array with the key=>values representing the attribute keys and values. If you do not pass a string as the second parameter and pass an array instead, it will keep the first string parameter as the link text and use the array as the attributes list.

Finally by using $Link->Get instead of $Link->Out, the Link class will return the value rather than echo it out.

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