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The main config file is "config.php", placed in the root directory.

As $PHPZevelop->CFG is an object, values can be returned by using the following format:

echo $PHPZevelop->CFG->SiteTitle;
echo $PHPZevelop->CFG->DB->Host;

Configuration can be overwritten in the site directory "config.php". This could be nessesary for overwriting default configuration in MultiSite site, you can also change configuration per page, more information here: help/meta-data

Below is an explanation of the available values

SiteTitle: This will be displayed in the title of each webpage, and can be used else where in the site.

PageTitle: Default page title

MetaTitle: Default meta title

MetaDescription: Default meta description

MetaKeywords: Default meta keywords

Site: The directory that your site data belongs in

MultiSite: Other site configuration directories

PassParams: If true, parameters can be passed to all pages. For more options check Vars

PreParam: Parameters passed will be accessable with this property and then an integer. For more information check Vars

Page404: This will define the 404 page to load if the URL cannot be found. For more information check Undefined URL's

DefaultFiles: An array of files that can be used as home pages, or default fallback files. For more information check Adding pages

LoadStyle: Should be set to either "Template" or "FileOrder". For more information check Load style

Template/FileOrder: Linked with "LoadStyle". For more information check Load style

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