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Undefined URL's

You have a two options when dealing with undefined URL's:

Option 1 (Default): No pages accept parameters unless specified

This is a strict option that will not allow anything to be passed to pages through the URL, if you want to specify a page to be able to take parameters you can add:

"PassParams" = true

.. to the OverrideObjectData array at the top of the page. To see this in action have a look here. In "help/vars.php" PassParams has been set to true in the configuration instance, so any parameters passed will be accessible on that page.

Option 2: All pages accept parameters unless specified

To use this method you simply have to make sure that the config file at "/config.php" has the following property set to true:

"PassParams" => true

To explain what this does.. say you have a page located at "/help/test.php" which can be accessed by simply using "/help/test" as a URL, if you were to put "/help/test/value1/value2" that page would be able to access them variables (as explained here).

Also if you didn't have a page at "/help/test.php" then using the same URL as above would return all of them parameters to the home or index page.

If you wish to have a specific page that doesn't allow parameters through you would have to add the following to the top of the page in the OverrideObjectData array:

"PassParams" => false

404 page

You can specify a 404 page to fall back on if PassParams is turned off and the page passed does not exist, for more information check here: help/configuration.

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